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Liberia Dujar Association, LDA, supports the reconstruction of Liberia through building schools and providing education to children and youth.

Liberia Dujar University College


"TC", as this school is called, is situated some distance from Monrovia City. It is a vocational training school, wjere we educate in Nursing, General Agriculture, General Mechanic and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The school started slowly in 2011 and was in the year thereafter inaugerated by the president herself, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In November 2015 the 72 first nurses and others were examinated.

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Liberia Dujar High School


The "Grassfield School" is situated in Grassfield just outside Monrovia City. The school was erected in 2003 as one-story building. Very soon it became too small and was expanded into a three-story building in 2006. As most there were around 1400 students in the school. 800 students have been examined from 12th grade and some af those have got further on to University and have also got high level employments.

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liberiaLiberia Dujar (LDA) is a non-political and non-religious member-based Swedish non-governmental organisation that runs a long-term development program in Liberia, situated in West Africa. LDA-Sweden works with its local partner LDA-Liberia. 

Liberia Dujar Association supports the reconstruction of Liberia through building schools and providing education to children and youth LDA has over the years provided educational services to thousands of school-aged children and youths as well as rebuilt 16 schools throughout the country. LDA currently running two schools; Grassfield school and University college.

Dujar means awake – Let us wake up and give Liberia’s children and youth the tools for creating a better future!


Liberia Dujar Association - Sweden

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